Its metaphor time

Zell Miller was fired up tonight. Naturally the media will be up in arms by the raging, angry, dividing, turn coats speach. I thought it was damn good. Here are a couple of lines from msnbc when Chris Matthews was interving Zell.

Matthews: Do you believe truthfully that John Kerry wants to defeat the world with spitballs?

Zell: That was a metaphor. You know what a metaphor is?

Do yourself a favor and track down the transcript, or better yet the video. Good stuff.

Day 3

Well you'd think they would run out of fruitloops to parade about. Oh you'd think that my friend, but you'd be wrong.

You know, I'm feeling a little compasion coming over me. Yep, it definitely is. I'm definitely reaching out. Its a personal matter, but I will say that it involves my middle finger. And perhaps some helpful profanity.

Oh thats rich. Godammit thats a funny guy. Pink slip Bush. (chortling) Thats clever, so funny.

Now that doesn't look too odd. Some kind of dance or something going on. But here is the blub from Reuters: Protesters, member of the Axis of Eve coalition, dance during a 'MASS FLASH of protest panties' in front of Golden Sphere Sculpture in Battery Park on the third day of the Republican National Convention in New York Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2004. (AP Photo/Joe Kohen)

Mass panty flash? Who the hell comes up with this?

Congradulations honey, you are an idiot. And you were on tv. You were an idiot on tv. And thats a special kind of idiot. Sort of like prostate cancer.


Day 2

Protesters stage a "die-in" in the middle of Broadway in New York, August 31, 2004. Unfortunately, I've been informed that this does not mean that they actually died.

Ah, debating skills at work like a well oiled machine.

Fight the good fight, Billy. Fight the good fight.

Godammit, why do these protesters always want to take off their clothes? Do you wanna know what the real injustice is sweety? Its you walking around like the fucking pillsbury dough jerk.