The sweet, sweet smell of hippies

So this week begins the RNC in New York. And surprise, protesters are gonna be there as well. I know, a little shocking. Still, the actual concept of protesting an entire organization somehow doesn't seem right to me. I don't know if I would or could protest the very existence of the democrats. I retch at the thought of many of them, but I don't hate every single one of them. Which is what many rabid lefty groups seem to do. They hate the very existence of anyone who doe not adhere to what they consider right. There is something kinda creepy about that. And not creepy like being alone in the dark. But creepy like old people having sex.

It seems the media and liberals are content to describe conservatives as close-minded, polarizing, and divisive. But it always seems to be the left who cry for the oppositions head on a platter.

I don't even know what the hell this is all about. But she certainly is a hot little momma. If I were ten year younger, had use of my genitals, and retained no concept of reality, I'd be mackin' my mojo on her.

Oh ho ho! Well put little protester, well put. Goddamn Bush for all his "terrorism"! Show your defiance! Don't shave your armpits! Listen to indie rock! Go vegan! Like things that no one else likes!

"Whats that Danny? You're a goddamn sonuvabitch? Well hell, that makes two of us, Danny. That makes two of us" Thats what he really said. Seriously.

Apparently these guys and gals are protesting something about AIDS. Not sure what their beef is, but I think it has something to do with not having clothes.

Well thats enough for now. My head is threatening to explode. And considering the convention hasn't even started yet, I'd say I'll be posting more pictures and commentary during the week.


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