My Pet Goat

Christopher Hitchens makes some good points in his latest column. What the hells going on there, eh? Here is a choice bit:

The experience of having fought in such a war is absolutely useless to any American today and has no bearing on any thinkable fight in which the United States could now become engaged. Thus, only the "character" issues involved are of any weight, and these are extremely difficult and subjective matters. If Kerry doesn't like people disputing his own version of his own gallantry, then it was highly incautious of him to have made it the centerpiece of his appeal.

This seems to be a central issue that galls me to no end. The left seems incapable of taking what it dishes out. And the media either can't or won't call them out on this. And believe me, this has caused deep and painful anguish when I'm trying to screw over poor minorities as I embezzle money from my corporate job and beat my wife as I watch HeeHaw while preaching at a redneck church.


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