half the fun

i watched five minutes of the simple life show today. i've come away from that experience with several, i believe poignant, observations. first, those girls are very pretty. and by pretty i of course mean hideously ugly and retch inducing. its not so much their physical appearance. i felt like i was watching a prized potted plant fawn in front of a camera. and not even a real potted plant. but one of those plastic ones. and not even the plastic ones that look real, but the plastic ones that look like a stick with paper triangles for leaves.

i'm not sure why someone would watch that show. its got to be more than because she's on tape fucking. but i'm not sure.

i rewatched the fellowship of the ring the other day and i cried. i mean literally, tears. all those sad little hobbits hugging each other. i don't think i'm supposed to do that.


Blogger Kay Chen said...

Aww, I'm sorry for being a Conservative =[
It's nice to see I have allies on Blogger, haha.

3:07 AM  
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